Event transport

Have you planned an event? Alone, with your family or with your group of friends? Do you want to start the day carefree? Then let Werotax transport you safely and comfortably. Would you like to have a drink afterwards? No problem Werotax will collect and bring you safely home.

If you are organizing a party or reception you will probably also think about how your guests arrive at the desired location and how they return home safely after the reception or party, sometimes with a glass.

Certainly if you choose an “exclusive” location afterwards, transport could be a problem for you. Werotax offers the possibility of individual to large group, safe and in style to transport. This can be done with luxury passenger cars, luxury minibuses or, if necessary, by coach. If a suitable car park is too far away from the location, we can operate shuttle services so that your guests do not have to walk long distances in gala clothing.

If you expect so many people at your wedding party that traffic might be affected, we can also arrange the transport flow for you with parking attendants so that everything goes according to your wishes.

At a party or reception it is sometimes so busy around and around your wedding location that there is not enough parking space. In that case we can provide valet parking or a shuttle or parking service. Experienced drivers, in suits or in a desired outfit, take care of parking your guests’ cars.

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Lucie Gerards

Ik wil u even laten weten dat ik zeer onder de indruk ben, Over de mensen die jullie taxi rijden. Vooral de eerste dagen als je nog niet helemaal weet wat je te wachten staat, de gesprekken hun luisterend oor dat heeft me bijzonder veel plezier gedaan. Zonder uitzondering het zijn kanjers. En ik zal jullie bedrijf Werotax aanprijzen als er iemand een taxi nodig heeft. Op 9 oktober heb ik 50 sessies erop zitten en ben ik klaar Dus heb ik honderd keer in jullie taxi gezeten. Ik wil tot slot iedereen heel hartelijk bedanken voor de fijne samenwerking. Met vriendelijke groet, Lucie Gerards Uit Venlo

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