Care transport

Every day, Werotax transports numerous patients from and to various treatment centers from all over the country. Thanks to our years of experience in carrying out care transport, you can count on a safe and comfortable ride, provided by an experienced and qualified driver. We organize transport for all health insurers.

Taxi company Werotax organizes transport for all health insurers. To be able to use healthcare transport, you must submit an application for seated patient transport with your health care insurer. If you wish, you can get support from one of our employees. Payment takes place directly through your health insurer or via a claim form. You will receive information about this in advance via our office. Please also take into account a mandatory annual personal contribution.

Our drivers all have the compulsory taxi diploma, social skills, target group transport and are in possession of the diploma lifesaving action. You can expect help and support from your driver during transport.

Conditions of reimbursement

Do you need care and do you need to go to a hospital, independent treatment center or other care institution? And will you receive this treatment from your basic insurance? Then you will be reimbursed for travel expenses within the Netherlands if:

  • You depend on a wheelchair.
  • You must undergo kidney dialysis treatment.
  • You have a malignant condition and have to undergo an oncological treatment with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy.
  • You can not travel alone due to your visual impairment.
  • Your child receives intensive childcare and the transport to a nursery nursery is medically necessary.
  • You need transport for treatment of a long-term illness or condition. You will receive this reimbursement if you cover more than 1000 km per 12 months for the single journey from your home to the care institution (hardship clause)

From 1 January 2019, travel expenses will also be reimbursed for transport to consultations, examinations and controls if these are necessary for the treatment.

Taxi company Werotax drives include:

• Achmea• InTwente• Stad Holland• Anderzorg• IZA Zorgverzekeraar• Zorgverzekeraar• AON• IZZ Zorgverzekering• Studenten Goed Verzekerd• Avéro• Just• UnitedConsumers• Bewuzt• Menzis• Univé• CZ• Nationale Nederlanden• VGZ• De Amersfoortse• OHRA• VvAA• De Friesland Zorgverz.• ONVZ• ZEKUR• Ditzo• OZF Achmea• ZieZo van Zilveren Kruis• DSW• PMA• Zilveren Kruis• FBTO• PNOzorg• ZorgDirect• HEMA• Pro Life• Zorgverzekeraar UMC• Interpolis• Salland zorgverzekeringen


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Riet en Ellen

Dagelijks op en neer naar het Radboud in Nijmegen met mijn moeder in de taxi van Werotax. Wat zag ze op tegen de hoeveelheid bestralingen (33 keer) en naderhand nogmaals 6 keer maar wat hebben we een gezellige ritten gehad. Gelukkig maar, daardoor was het een stuk minder zwaar voor haar. Gezellig buurten met de chauffeurs die altijd netjes op tijd waren. Wij willen jullie hartelijk bedanken voor deze gezelligheid en de oprechte belangstelling tijdens haar ziekte.

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