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Do you want to use your travel time to work or to relax, so that you arrive at your appointment well rested?

Maybe at the end of your busy day you do not want to be tired yourself behind the wheel with all the possible risks involved?

Whatever your reason, you can express your wishes and preferences and we take care of everything. Visiting sites, meeting on the way to a location, sightseeing, transportation to a festive opening or reception without having to drive your guests yourself? Our VIP service offers the solution for this. Werotax takes care of the transport of groups and delegations in specially equipped vehicles which are equipped with all conveniences such as air conditioning, navigation and modern means of communication.

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In een heftig jaar waren jullie een stabiele factor, altijd was de taxi op tijd, gezellige mensen achter het stuur, ook tijdens de corona met scherm ertussen, altijd een gezellige babbel en lach. Hartelijk dank hiervoor. Succes voor jullie allen in de toekomst.

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