Airport taxi

Werotax is also your partner for all your airport transfers. Our driver brings you quickly and comfortably where you need to be. We are happy to take care of every airport transfer for you. Send us your travel or holiday planning and we will ensure that you are picked up on time and to the airport. No searching or unnecessary walking, we will drop you off on time and in the right place. When picking up, we are ready with a nameplate at the meeting point.

Airports are familiar territory for us. That is as pleasant as we pick you up there.

You will find our driver – provided with your company nameplate – directly at the meeting point. Of course we offer the same level of service and care to the collection and delivery of your guests.

It is helpfull for both you ans us if we can schedule your transport beforehand, but even “transport à la minute” is not a problem in most cases.

… or on vacation

Your journey begins when you close the front door. Our taxi is ready to take you safely and comfortably to the airport of your choice. Heated when it’s cold, refreshing in the summer, every hour of the day or night.

We transport you directly and exclusively. That means: Only you and travelers who belong to your company will take place in one of our taxis or – if that suits you better – in our luxury taxi bus.

In our taxis you can leave behinds all stress. As from here we can take control for this part of the trip. Ensuring that you arrive at the airport well rested. Your flight holiday starts in a Werotax taxi.

On you return – if needed (hopefully well rested and relaxed), we will also gladly pick you up. We are waiting for you when your flight has landed, so you do not have to waste time searching for transport.

So also for the return journey: Your flight holiday also ends in a taxi from Werotax!

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Betsie Janssen-Koenen

Dinsdag 13 augustus heb ik mijn laatste hyperbare zuurstoftherapie in de Da Vinci kliniek. Langs deze weg wil ik jullie allemaal van harte bedanken, in het bijzonder de chauffeurs die mij van Einighausen naar Geldrop en weer terug brachten. Dat gebeurde op een zodanige manier dat ik – bijna – met plezier naar Da Vinci reisde. Gezellig kletsen, met de nodige humor en ook een veilig gevoel. Hartelijk dank ook voor de prima planning.

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