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Order care transport

You can order your care transport online here. Fill in the details below completely. When you send this request, you will receive a notification that your request has been sent.

You will receive a confirmation email that your ride has been reserved the same working day after the ride has been scheduled. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, no reservation has been made for you.

Werotax takes precautionary measures in the interest of the driver and its clients to prevent contamination with the Corona virus.

Although the chance of getting infected in a taxi with Covid-19 seems limited, it is still wise to take extra precautions. The following measures have therefore been implemented in accordance with the RIVM guidelines and the protocols made by Taxi keur.

Nb; By definition, we do not drive to the Corona test street given the fact that people who get tested are considered to have complaints:

    Conditions for the use of seated patient transport.

    • Order your taxi at least 24 hours in advance during the weekend, we do not process mail. During working days we process the mail 08:00 and 18:00
    • You will be picked up at the agreed time with a margin of 15 minutes earlier or later.
    • We may combine your trip with that of other customers.
    • We arrive with a random vehicle.
    • If you do not have authorization and want to use our services, you will receive a digital invoice from us
    • Book a taxi up to 2 months in advance
    • No reservation without digital confirmation
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    Monique Henkelman

    Dankjewel voor de geweldige service ?Mijn vader Peter Schoenmakers werd naar boven gebracht en weer opgehaald in het Catharina Ziekenhuis na de avond dialyse , de chauffeur moest hiervoor het hele ziekenhuis doorlopen naar de 6de etage en weer terug via de EHBO en dat om haf 12 s’avonds. Chapeau !

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