Taxi quality mark

Taxi-quality brand: Our service and quality have been officially confirmed by the award of the TX-quality mark as one of the first in our environment in 2005.

This TX quality mark is an initiative of the taxi industry itself. It acts as a quality hallmark for taxi companies. The quality mark is a means for the Dutch taxi operator to distinguish itself in the taxi sector. In addition, it is a handle for both consumers and clients to make a conscious choice for high-quality taxi transport.

Every part of the company, the way of working, dealing with the passengers, the state of the car, the insurance, everything has to be in order. In short, guaranteed quality when it comes to safety, comfort and manners.

The blue TX stickers on the outside of the taxi show that the taxi company is certified with the quality system. This allows the consumer to see at a glance that it is right with the company. The quality mark is valid for three years, but the Kiwa carries out interim checks to see whether the quality continues to meet the high requirements of the Quality Mark.

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Betsie Janssen-Koenen

Dinsdag 13 augustus heb ik mijn laatste hyperbare zuurstoftherapie in de Da Vinci kliniek. Langs deze weg wil ik jullie allemaal van harte bedanken, in het bijzonder de chauffeurs die mij van Einighausen naar Geldrop en weer terug brachten. Dat gebeurde op een zodanige manier dat ik – bijna – met plezier naar Da Vinci reisde. Gezellig kletsen, met de nodige humor en ook een veilig gevoel. Hartelijk dank ook voor de prima planning.

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