After more than 12.5 years of experience at a then established taxi company in Son. Ad van de Wetering and his wife Riek van de Wetering van Rooij decided to set up a taxi company. Back then started with 1 car. Over time became a valued taxi company in the neighborhoods. By making a combination of both surnames, van de Wetering. and van Rooij, the name WEROtax originated.

Werotax was established in the center of Son en Breugel since 1991, making it the only local taxi company.

With a wide range of services and vehicles, Werotax is ready to serve you at your beck and call. After a number of years, courier work was also added to the product portfolio. In 2005, daughter Davina Vorstenbosch-van de Wetering took over the company and expanded the company into a regional player in all forms of passenger transport.

Since 2017, Werotax has been located on the border of Son en Breugel and Meierijstad, just in Sint-Oedenrode. Perfectly located in the middle of the taxi company’s now spacious working area.

In 2021, Werotax celebrated its 30th anniversary with Tom de Gooijer as manager.

Davina Vorstenbosch van de Wetering died in 2023 and Tom de Gooijer became Director of Werotax.

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Soluvos Medical

Onlangs een spoedorder voor een ziekenhuis in Nederland via Werotax laten bezorgen, van telefoontje van ziekenhuis tot aflevering door Werotax binnen 2 uur keurig geregeld.

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