After more than 12.5 years of experience at a then established taxi company in Son. Ad van de Wetering and his wife Riek van de Wetering van Rooij decided to set up a taxi company. Back then started with 1 car. Over time became a valued taxi company in the neighborhoods. By making a combination of both surnames, van de Wetering. and van Rooij, the name WEROtax originated.

Werotax was established in the center of Son en Breugel since 1991, making it the only local taxi company.

Started at the time with one car and one call driver but now grown into a company with a wide range of services and vehicles, ready to serve you at your best. Since 2005 daughter Davina Vorstenbosch-van de Wetering has been in charge of the company.

Since 2017, Werotax is located on the border of Son en Breugel and Meierijstad just in Sint-Oedenrode. This is perfectly situated in the middle of our working area of the taxi company.

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Monique Henkelman

Dankjewel voor de geweldige service ?Mijn vader Peter Schoenmakers werd naar boven gebracht en weer opgehaald in het Catharina Ziekenhuis na de avond dialyse , de chauffeur moest hiervoor het hele ziekenhuis doorlopen naar de 6de etage en weer terug via de EHBO en dat om haf 12 s’avonds. Chapeau !

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