Corporate Social Responsibility: sustainable in the broadest sense of the word!

It is a misunderstanding to think that sustainability is only about the environment. Werotax is all about social, ecological and economic sustainability. People, planet, profit.


A good atmosphere and relaxation enhance the team spirit and promote work performance. We organize fun activities outside working hours so colleagues get to know each other better.

We have an eye for the world around us and help where we can. Therefore, Werotax supports charities such as KWF, Do A Wish Foundation, Dream4kids.

Society is already starting in our own neighborhood, which has made us decide to install an AED on the outside of our building.


We must be careful with our natural resources. Where possible, Werotax opts for sustainable solutions. For example, solar panels on the roof of our company’s building provide solar energy. Light sensors and special light fixtures in the building ensure that electricity is used sparingly.

We are sustainable ‘in house’ and ‘on the road’! Thanks to the digitization of work processes, for instance, paper consumption decreases annually. With the purchase of economical, environmentally friendly vehicles, we ensure the lowest possible environmental impact.

Sustainability is therefore, very important to us, which is why we also work with Greenstar. Via the Greenstar EcoBox we can monitor and improve the driving behavior of our drivers. The moment the driving style of drivers improves, CO2 emissions are reduced. Partly in this way, we contribute a bit to society and hope to save some fuel ourselves!


Social Return certainly fits in with our business operations, we work together with various municipalities and WSW institutions to create a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.
Our drivers are trained according to the system of Het Nieuwe Rijden. They know how to drive energy efficiently and act accordingly. That motivates the drivers, is good for the environment and is economically interesting.

People, Planet, Profit.

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